Taylorsville Utah

Taylorsville Utah is made up of 3 communities. All 3 are very historic. Located in the Central region of Salt Lake County, the communities are all incorporated into Taylorsville.

The region of Taylorsville is a part of the alluvial plain that was formed as the Wasatch and the Oquirrh Mountains wore worn down. Below the surface, it sits on at least kilometer of unconsolidated rock and sand as well as clay.

Taylorsville Fault hasn’t been active in years however, it has greatly shaped the topography of the region. As Lake Bonneville dried up, the salt that broke down from the rock has remained and made the soil very alkaline.

As with most desert soil, the soil is very difficult to work with and typically must be amended or more soil brought in to work the soil. The first people in the region were there after the last ice age. There is evidence that at least one mammoth and perhaps others have been killed and eaten in this region.

Many of the first people were Fremont people. They used the area to gather and hunt for food. The large settlement on City Creek used the land where Taylorsville is now located to hunt and forage for food.

Ute Indians passed through the region and the valley and at that time, there was a lot of sage brush with only the Jordan River as a water source. This trail was well used and the Utes used it in the spring and the fall months to water their families.

There are suggestions that the Spanish Missionaries were in the region but these are poorly documented. This was in approximately the 1600s. At this time, the region was referred to as Teguayo and Lake Copalla. By 1847 several thousand Mormon Settlers had taken up residence in the region.

Today, the region is predominately Mormon and many of the residences have ties to those former settlers. The Spanish mission is no more and residents are typically of the Mormon faith.

In 2010, at the time of the census, there were 58,657 residents in the region. Of this, 19,121 were households and 13,477 were families that resided in the city of Taylorsville. This left the population at a density of 5,415 persons per square mile. The average household income was $54,881 and families were at an average of $62,023. Men tended to have a bit higher income than women.