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All About Taylorsville Utah

Taylorsville Utah is a great place to call home. As a community within the Salt Lake City area it humbly boasts many restaurants you might not expect to find in Utah.

The restaurants here are unique to Taylorsville Utah, which include many exotic cuisines from around the globe. From Ming’s Garden, which is consistently rated among the top Chinese restaurants in Taylorsville Utah. It is well loved for its fresh elements, large portion sizes, and combination plates.

Going out for burgers at Cubby’s is one of the best stops in all of Utah. That’s right, live here in Taylorsville and you will have access to one of America’s most beloved foods right here in town. The drawbacks are the price and the speed of service. Though, it’s still very fresh food and features high-quality ingredients.

The g...

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Taylorsville Utah

Taylorsville Utah is made up of 3 communities. All 3 are very historic. Located in the Central region of Salt Lake County, the communities are all incorporated into Taylorsville.

The region of Taylorsville is a part of the alluvial plain that was formed as the Wasatch and the Oquirrh Mountains wore worn down. Below the surface, it sits on at least kilometer of unconsolidated rock and sand as well as clay.

Taylorsville Fault hasn’t been active in years however, it has greatly shaped the topography of the region. As Lake Bonneville dried up, the salt that broke down from the rock has remained and made the soil very alkaline.

As with most desert soil, the soil is very difficult to work with and typically must be amended or more soil brought in to work the soil...

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