All About Taylorsville Utah

Taylorsville Utah is a great place to call home. As a community within the Salt Lake City area it humbly boasts many restaurants you might not expect to find in Utah.

The restaurants here are unique to Taylorsville Utah, which include many exotic cuisines from around the globe. From Ming’s Garden, which is consistently rated among the top Chinese restaurants in Taylorsville Utah. It is well loved for its fresh elements, large portion sizes, and combination plates.

Going out for burgers at Cubby’s is one of the best stops in all of Utah. That’s right, live here in Taylorsville and you will have access to one of America’s most beloved foods right here in town. The drawbacks are the price and the speed of service. Though, it’s still very fresh food and features high-quality ingredients.

The great part is the different kinds of burgers available, such as tri-tip cuts. Of course, the fries are excellent too.

Siragusa’s is well loved for its Italian fare in town. They are known for their lunch buffet, which is popular. The place is always bustling with activity. The Cafe Rio Mexican Grill serves up food made from scratch. It’s authentic Mexican food fresh to order. It is worth the money.

Moki’s Hawaiian Grill is another fabulous and unique treasure found in Taylorsville. The prices are great, even for items that would normally cost more at other restaurants. The fish and chips is served up in a large portion and at less than 8 dollars, is a steal.

Another top Mexican restaurant in the area is Los Bertos. It is a value-based option as well because it is very affordable.

Bohemian Brewery And Grill is something of a unique place as well. It is made to be like an Eastern European brew hall. They serve up meat and potatoes style dishes, American fare, with a bit of flavor and flair.

King Buffet is a Chinese buffet. It is considered a little pricier, but considering it is a buffet, it is worth the money as long as you go hungry and plan to fill up your tummy. It is yummy and a favorite for its variety. Picky eaters have found their match. It’s a great place for a large family to go meet up because it has a little something for everyone in the group.

Whether you love Italian or Chinese food, you will have what you want here.